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Sage Software

Sage is one of the major and well known providers of software for small and medium sized businesses. We have many years experience in the Sage range of accountancy programmes and are able to offer advice on choosing and using Sage. We can assist in setting up Sage and designing invoices and reports. We can offer on site training and are also available during office hours to give telephone advice.

As members of the Sage Accountants Club we are resellers of the full range of Sage Programmes. For further details of the Sage range of programmes visit Sage Shop

Sage One On Line Accounting
Are you still using hand written ledgers or spreadsheets to record your income and expenditure? These need a lot of work to extract the information to compile VAT returns or end of year accounts. Or maybe you find that using traditional computer based accountancy programmes difficult to set up and use. Sage One is a cloud based programme accessed on line through the internet, which is continually up to date and user friendly. You simply log on to your own secure password protected and encrypted site, enter your income or expenditure onto the system using the criteria we have set up for you. The system advises us whenever you make any entries and we are able to monitor these and amend any mispostings. Information is recorded which will enable us to to complete management accounts, vat returns or end of year statutory accounts in a timely manner with a minimum of extra work, thus saving you money. There is a small monthly charge for Sage One and we are also able to offer a simplified monthly charge for our work, which includes the use of Sage One and the production of end of year statutory accounts. For more details visit Sage One For a no obligation quote on our services just complete the enquiry form.